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9 Design Tips To Turn Any Property into the Ultimate VR Destination

It may seem that some of your properties need a little work before they could be considered the most desirable properties for your guests to rent. You may have the perfect location and stunning views, but you are being let down by interior design that is turning guests away. In today’s post, we are going to run through 9 tips to transform a property into the sort of location that guests can’t help but book.


There can be a temptation to go as neutral as possible with your design, as if you were renting your property long term or even selling it. But, when renting a vacation rental property guests want to experience a little of the unfamiliar and new. Your guests need to be able to imagine themselves there, but themselves slightly transformed. If you property is old artist’s quarters in Amsterdam then reflect this. People don’t book Texan ranch houses expecting the same off-white painted walls as they have at home. Guests booking your property will want to be able to relax on their holiday as they would at home whilst experiencing a slice of something new.

When choosing a design it can feel like you are walking the fine line between charming and overbearing, or individual and strange. There are plenty of resources like blogs and instructional videos on design so we have taken some of their tips and chosen the ones most suited to transforming a property into an appealing vacation rental prospect for as many guests as possible.

  • Reflect the area you live in
    People choose the area or the country they want to visit first, not the property. Think about some of the defining characteristics of your area and try to reflect this. An urban loft design is always going to seem at odds with anyway other than a downtown city centre apartment
  • Choose a theme and stick to it
    Once you have settled on your design, do your best to stick to this theme. It can be tempting to add furniture and features that you like as you see them but make sure that they align with your overriding theme. Having one thing that stands out will spoil the overall effect.
  • Add Art
    A touch of personality to bare walls, aesthetically pleasing, art is an easy way to add some instant charm to any room. Choose prints that appeal to you and make sure they are well framed. Even the most fervent critic will appreciate this touch.
  • Clean Lines
    Any clutter or unused additions are going to spoil the overall effects of your efforts. Try to keep any items down to the essentials and one or two extra decorative pieces and your home will look clean and inviting for guests that want to stay.
  • Maximise Natural Light
    Sunlight is the king of the lights. If you have it; use it. Make sure it's not blocked and that you take your listing photos during the sunniest part of the day.
  • Flowers and Plants
    A small touch like this add a new life to your property and make it seem more inviting for guests. But, always remember to list this in your site, some guests will have allergies and will require forewarning.
  • Modern Amenities
    Any design efforts will be undone if your appliances and amenities let you down. As well being possibly faulty, the old fashioned design will destroy the effect of the rest of your design and date your property making it far less inviting.
  • Match Each Room
    If you advertise your property to accommodate a certain number of people then this needs to be consistent throughout the other rooms in the house, such as seats in the dining room and front room.
  • Keep it up to Date
    Nothing is going to turn away bookings like an outdated design. Walk through your property frequently and make sure updates are done as often as required to keep your property modern and competitive.

These design tips are designed to take a plain property and turn it an appealing home for vacation rentals. It is a few basics and there are plenty more sources of inspiration for  things you can add and alterations you can do to make the perfect vacation rental design. Let us know the secrets you use to get new properties ready for listing!

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