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6 Things Every Guest Wants to Know About your Property

Answering The Questions Before Your Guests Even Ask them!

Here at Kigo we like to read a lot about what property managers do to keep their businesses ahead of the curve. We follow blogs, check articles, podcasts and videos to make sure that we are always at the forefront of what is happening in the vacation rental industry. But, we also like to see what the people staying in vacation rentals have to say. Knowing what drives guests to vacation rentals, what makes certain properties more appealing than others and the big turn offs on booking websites helps us to make a stronger product. In doing this, we have been seeing a lot of content about the right questions to ask before booking a vacation rental. The things that guests NEED to know.


So, why wait for them to ask? Give them the information they need right away. If you can preempt your guests’ questions you save them time, reassure them and help to give first-time guests the confidence to make that booking. We always like to remove barriers in the booking process for property managers so we have compiled five things that every guest wants to know about your property.

Number of Guests

How many people does your property sleep? Anyone booking for a family or a group of friends needs to know the exact number that you allow per night. Having just the number of bedrooms can be confusing and may filter your properties out on portal sites when people search for large group accommodation. List this information alongside the number of bedrooms you have to avoid any confusion.


A big concern, particularly amongst first-time bookers, is how the housekeeping is organised. Is it like a hotel with a daily turndown service? Do I have to clean myself? These are things people need to know and are confused about before booking. There are misconceptions about vacation rentals, and worries that it’s going to involve more work than staying at a hotel or traditional accommodation. Inform your guests the schedule and process.


WIFI is becoming a basic human need, alongside shelter and fresh water. If you have it, save your guests the time and list it right at the top of each property description. Not having to email or call to find out about WIFI in your apartments just makes booking that little bit easier.

Who is the Contact?

Who can your guests speak to if there are any problems? Who should the seek out to find the apartment? Will anybody meet them? Will there be anybody to be accountable. Hotels and other types of accommodation have clear and defined processes that give guests confidence and reassurance. Outline your contact process and key person for each property.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Am I locked in if I book now? Can I keep my options open? Knowing where you stand is very important when booking anything and any doubt or confusion will be enough to make your guests reconsider.

Transport and Location

How long will it take to get to the property from the airport? Where are the nearest stations and public transport links? How long does it take to get to the center? Guests need all this information. If you don’t want to publish the exact location of your properties you can add your location as well as maps to an automated email that you can program to be sent in response to availability information

These are some of the most popular inquiries that people to make to vacation rental properties before booking. If you can answer them first, you remove that barrier to booking. So many bookings are lost because people are unwilling to get in touch to find out the information they need. We live in an instant society and having to delve for key information means that people will switch off and move on to the next site, the next business. If you have the answers to your guests’ questions that show your properties in a positive light make sure you include them in your property descriptions.

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