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6 Emails You Need To Send to Every Guest

Automate and Send The 6 Emails that Drive Bookings

Transforming an inquiry into a converted booking is something of an art form. Helping your guests settle on a property and a destination from just casual research is a slippery alchemy that requires the right information, at the right time. Holiday plans often rely on people making decisions on behalf of a group or waiting for the booking of other elements such as flights before they can decide on their accommodation. This means, that as well as your property listing, having email content that provides useful information at different points in the booking process will help you convert more inquiries.


Using the Kigo system, you can program these emails to be sent automatically whenever your guests trigger them. This means you can set them and watch as your booking rate grows even when you’re not there. Today, we’re giving you examples of the six emails that you can automate and convert guest inquiries into bookings.

Property is Available!

Up to the minute availability, pricing and a booking link will give your guests chance to book right away. When booking, every delay counts and will give your guests more chance to find other sites and properties. If your guest knows that your property is available right away and have a link to booking, they can check the details and come back to the link when they are ready to book.

Alternate Options

Should your guests’ first choice of property not be available for their selected dates, you can create emails that contain links to other properties that best meet their criteria. You can sort these properties by criteria such as price, location, and amenities so that your guests only receive links to properties that they will be interested in.

Transport, Keys, and Check In

The process of getting from the airport or station, who will meet them to let them in, what to do in the event of a late arrival. All of these things need to be considered. Answering them before your guests have to ask is a simple touch that makes the booking process seem so much more simple for guests. They will understand that you are experienced and knowledgeable and booking a vacation rental property will not cause them undue stress or see them locked out of a distant property after a delayed flight.

Blogs and Content

Now your guests have confirmed their booking, why not send over some tips and ideas for how they can spend their time at your property. This is a simple touch that not only provides your guests with helpful content but will also show that you are still aware of their booking and there are no problems. When booking in advance, there can always be a lingering fear that you are going to to turn up to a fully booked property, with a baffled property manager having no record of your booking. A reassuring email that also contains great content is a great way to make your website stand out and keep it in your guests’ memory for their next booking.

Check Up

A quick check to see if there any problems. This will help to protect you from negative reviews if there are any unforeseen circumstances. Some guests may not come to you with small issues so a quick email midway through their stay gives them a chance to bring any problems or questions to your attention.

Thank You Email

After your guests have checked out is the time to schedule the final email, thanking them for their stay. Customer aftercare is an important part of creating customer loyalty. As well as thanking them for their stay you can request a review. This is also the perfect chance to ask if there was anything you can improve for your guests’ next stay.

With these six emails, you can not only convert more leads into customers, but convert them into loyal customers that will return to your business. These emails show that the goal of your business is not just to offload your properties to whoever, but to create an enjoyable and distinctive experience for the people that choose to book.

These emails will also reassure first-time guests that your business is genuine and that their booking is confirmed before they fly across the world. Write and automate them to be triggered by guests, using short and catchy subject lines and you will see more guest emails turn into confirmed bookings!

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