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4 Ways Customer Feedback Will Improve Your Vacation Rental Business

Do you ever wonder why your guests make the decisions they do? Why they choose to use your service? or why they decide not to use you again. Customer feedback is a simple tool to use to grow and expand your vacation rental business, it can make all the difference between a good year and a great year!

Asking for customer feedback is not as time consuming or as complex as it seems, their are many ways to find out information about your guest. Using customer surveys is a simple way to gain valuable information and improve your marketing campaigns. Here are four reasons why you should email customer surveys after your guest has used your service:


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Customer Loyalty
Understanding what your guest likes and dislikes about the service you are providing will attain you loyalty and referrals to other potential consumers. With Kigo´s mailchimp integration your customers can subscribe to your newsletters, receive your latest promotions,discounts and events.

Tip: Once a customer has subscribed to your newsletter use this as an opportunity to start building a relationship with them by directing them to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Find out here on how social media can support a vacation rental manager.

Customer Satisfaction

Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and guests who have used your service are more likely to speak about a negative experience than a positive experience. By surveying your customer you will have the opportunity to recover any issues helping you avoid negative reviews.

Tip: Ask your guests who have given positive feedback about your service to share their experience on Tripadvisor,, Facebook, Twitter or maybe even a video testimonial that you can use on Youtube or for your website!

Recognizing Trends

If your guests are giving you similar or the same feedback this can help you understand what you are doing well and what the customer really appreciates about the service you are providing. Emphasizing on the most positive points about your service will help you improve how you advertise your vacation rental business, translating this feedback in your advertising i.e. your email newsletters will get you ahead of the competition.

Tip: With Kigo´s email templates you can send relevant surveys to guests, choose what questions you want to ask and what date and time you want to send it. You can also create a link so that the answers received will come directly to Google drive in a clear format.

Personalizing Emails

Increase your open and click through rates by personalizing your email campaigns, by doing this the customer feedback you get will be good quality and reliable helping you improve your vacation rental business. Personalization is key to your success as consumers expectations are increasing, the more you know about your guest will help you build stronger relationships and make the customer feel understood.

Tip: When you are using Kigo´s email templates don't forget to personalize your emails, you can personalise the title, name, number and content! Make the most of this feature and build brand loyalty.

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