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4 Times People Regretted Being a Property Manager

There is a certain amount of frustration in any job. There are times when you’d like to click the laptop shut and go and live in the woods, construct a shelter from rubbery trees and vines, then dig away from the modern world. We all feel like that at some point. So, to relieve some of that frustration, we’re going to run through 4 of the things that can you make you rue the moment that the idea of property management ever occurred to you. We’ve compiled 4 things that add stress to your daily tasks, plus some things you can do to stop them happening again.


Double Bookings
There’s a week to go and you’ve just seen that you’ve got two sets of separate guests arriving at the very same time. This is one of the of the situations that can give property managers sleepless nights. People taking flights and expecting to have somewhere to stay is the sort of mistake that can really damage the reputation of your business. If you don’t have any suitable alternatives, the very least of your issues will be finding an expensive last minute solution at your own cost. This stress and frustration is one of the worst sensations for any property manager. It’s such a small clerical error that can end up in disaster.

Endless Updates
Having your property listed on dozens of portals means that you will get incredible exposure. However, the moment a booking comes in, all calendars on every site will have to be updated. When you have anything new to announce, it can mean hours of tiresome updating across hundreds of pages. These updates are how double bookings happen. It’s all too easy to forget or make a mistake on just one portal and then suddenly, your calendars are haywire. Updating your descriptions or photos when the seasons are changing seems like a great idea, but when it means days of busy-work, it can be easy to let your descriptions become stale.

Nightmare Guests
There’s no planning for this one. And, it can be one of the most frustrating aspects of running a vacation rental business. A guest that makes countless demands and never seems to be satisfied with your efforts can make you dread each chime of your phone or email. Being involved in a public-facing business can be equally trying and rewarding but there is nothing quite as stressful as a difficult customer. If can be enough to stop you wanting to see another booking ever again.

Not being able to go on holiday in popular months
The world is on the beach and you’re buried in Microsoft Office and the HomeAway back office. Summer, bank holidays and Christmas all herald the start of the most hectic period for you. You’re charged with ensuring the relaxation of others and it can be frustrating to have to sacrifice time and holidays with family to maintain your business. Seeing the world on holiday as you knuckle down for the busiest period can make even the most committed property managers question why they chose this particular line of work.

We know these frustrations and we are always working to remove them from our property managers’ lives. We have experienced the same hair-pulling moments and have come through the other side. Click here to see how Kigo can help with these frustrations, our system is designed to eliminate double bookings, tiresome updating of portals and so much more. We’ve been though these frustrations and have created the perfect system to deal with them.

And of course, no matter how frustrating it can get at times, there really is no substitute for being a property manager. We put up with these frustrations because there really is nothing like it. Making a thriving living from allowing people to book and stay and unique properties for truly special holidays and trips. Seeing another group of smiling guests leaving or reading a touching review is often all it takes to remind you exactly why being a property manager is worth these occasional frustrations.

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