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3 Kigo Easter egg tips on which chocolate delight’s to indulge in this Easter!

Whilst the chocolate retailers enjoy an uprise in sales during their peak season. We all will be indulging in some chocolatey treats this Sunday spending some quality time with our family and friends. So which egg will you choose? the brightly coloured foil wrapped one or the almond delight, at Kigo we think 3 is a magic number in vacation rental marketing. Here are 3 virtual easter eggs every vacation rental manager should hunt for this Easter. See your availability melt and demand rise!



The Double Chocolate Chunky Egg - why SEO is a driving force in vacation rental marketing

When we all search for products and services on search engines, we all notice the first few higher ranked links at the top of the page. However there's more to SEO then appearing at the top of search engines then meets the eye. Their is the consumers behaviour to understand,how people search and what terms they use. For example consumers tend not to just search once, click on a few links and then become satisfied. Instead, during their search consumers click on some websites, edit their search terms, search again, click on a few more links, edit their search terms again, and so on.

So how well do you know your target audience? For your vacation rental businesses this means if you have a strong SEO strategy, your brand will show up in all of your target audiences search terms. You are creating consistent impacts and getting noticed by your potential consumer. Making the double chocolate chunky egg a great choice this Easter!

The Chocolate Surprise Egg - Kigo’s Portal Partners

Do you like surprises? At Kigo we get all the nice ones as we stay on top of industry trends and understand that consumers are more mobile than ever before. How consumers have become reliant on the internet and devices such as their phones, tablets and laptops to lead their lifestyle. For vacation rental businesses this means that online marketing is a vital element to get your business noticed and to increase bookings. So how do you know which is the right website to advertise your property on? Which one is trusted and can fill up your availability calendars to maximize your revenue.

Where you advertise your property will determine these factors. It is important to list on large websites such as AirBnB, or Flipkey as these websites will drive a lot of website traffic. However finding a balance is key and listing on mid-sized portals  will allow you to communicate with a specific audience i.e. France. So you attract the relevant potential guests for the property you have on offer, why not surprise yourself this Easter and see how you can achieve all your vacation rental goals with Kigo’s chocolate surprise egg.

The Mini Eggs - online word of mouth

Now we all know that word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising, it is completely free and trusted. People trust what their friends, acquaintances and other people say as they have no loyalties to the brand. This is clearly impactful so imagine this but online. How do you manage online word of mouth on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social network pages.  Written content you cannot erase that is visible to everyone. You put all that effort, time and money on gaining traffic to your website to increase your bookings.

So why let negative reviews damage your business, instead take advantage of positive reviews and use it to increase your bookings. Always ensure you are active online wherever your guests can leave reviews about your business. Social networks is an opportunity for you to build a strong brand reputation and encourage positive word of mouth. So why not dip in and discover chocolate mini egg delights this Easter.

So there you have it, a choice of delightful virtual eggs that will help you boost bookings! If you are interested in operating your own vacation rental website complete with a reservation system, we will be more than happy to help. You can request a demo from our website or call us directly: +34 93 1980 697


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