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15 Ideas for Vacation Rental Marketing Content

"Content marketing is being used by 86 percent of businesses today. But effective content marketing? Not so easy to find." 

A vast majority of businesses use content marketing to try to attract clients. But the mere act of content marketing does not, of itself, lead to success.

How can you use content marketing and social media marketing to attract guests and keep them engaged?


How can you use content marketing and social media marketing to attract guests and keep them engaged? Check out our ideas on everything from marketing basics to content ideas for blogs and social media marketing tips:

Vacation Rental Marketing Basics

1) Embrace blogging
When done right, blogging can be an effective marketing tool for your business. Set your mind on blogging consistently and providing something of value in every blog you write. Think about what your target audience really care about, and write with that perspective in mind.

2) Embrace social media marketing
Can your guests find you on social media, and are they likely to engage with your business once they do? Maintain a strong social media presence and post relevant content they will be motivated to like, comment and share. Follow key influencers and leverage industry hashtags to expand your reach. See more tips below!

3) Build your email list
Provide prospective guests with regular nurture emails that share useful content, link back to your blog, and mention your social media accounts. The more connected your guests become with your brand, the more likely it is that they will become repeat bookings.

Content Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Marketing

Stumped on what to include in your blogs? Try these tips:

4) Use a news story
VRMB suggests finding an interesting news story and giving it a twist that is relevant and entertaining to your target audience.

5) Talk up other businesses
Write blogs about other businesses in your area that guests might be interested in when they visit. As an added bonus, ask those businesses to reciprocate by writing something in their own blogs about your vacation rentals.

6) Cover local attractions and events
While you may already include some information on your website about local attractions, well-timed blog posts and emails about sites and events help remind guests why they want to book with you.

7) Share guest stories
Include interesting stories about your guests (with their permission, of course). You can include stories about things your guests do while on vacation, as well as interesting tidbits about their lives apart from your vacation rental. This can be a surprisingly effective way to build a sense of community among your returning guests.

8) Spotlight key employees
You can also highlight interesting stories about your staff. It takes very little to help guests identify with your staff members on a personal level. Forming a personal connection in this way encourages repeat bookings, as well.

9) Share your history
If your business has a unique history, your blog is an excellent place to tell the story. Travelers who dislike the impersonal venue of hotels and prefer vacation rental homes may be drawn by the history of the home and decide to pay a visit.

Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals

How can you use social media to enhance your vacation rental marketing strategies? Here are some tips to help:

10) Include social share and like icons in your blog posts.

11) Track mentions of your brand on social media, and reach out with relevant content.


12) Use Twitter and Facebook to announce a new blog post on your site.

13) Comment regularly on social media forums where your guests are found.

14) Offer special pricing and discounts through your social media accounts.

15) Use content generated by your guests such as travel selfies and small stories on social media.

The Bottom Line for Vacation Rental Marketing

Maintaining a blog filled with interesting, engaging content and supplementing that content via social media platforms is a good vacation rental marketing strategy.

Do you want even more creative marketing tips? Download the ebook: Creative Marketing Tips for Vacation Rental Owners today!

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