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10 Steps To Prepare your Property For Summer

How to make sure that your properties are ready for the busiest time of the year.

Just before the summer is the best time to give your property an update to attract new guests and give repeat guests another reason to book. I’m spring cleaning and trying to part with old clutter. Why can I not throw away light bulbs that don’t match the fittings of my lamps, incomplete sets of playing cards or spare loose buttons? Let’s face it, it can be hard to make a change when it comes to something as big as one of your properties. So, when getting ready for the summer you need to be brutal and clinical. The summer season can be the largest source of revenue for the entire year for many property managers so make sure your property is at its best when people are looking to book.


With holidays, it can be that the anticipation is more exciting than the actual event, so now is the perfect time to tap into this. With the weather still being unpredictable at this time of the year filling your website and your social media with glorious images of summer will help your business start taking bookings now. Get your potential guests excited about their holiday to encourage bookings. Getting into the summer mindset a few months early will help your website maximise every summer booking.

As well as giving you peace of mind that your summer months will be lucrative, encouraging early bookings means that you can experiment with revenue management to increase the price of your properties as demand increases and the general availability of vacation rentals decreases. The more of your calendar that is booked in advance, the greater chance you have to experiment with this. You can try this and use a little trial and error to try and find the right, or you try Kigo’s automated and exact Revenue Management system that will adapt to the surge in popularity of your properties.

We’ve compiled 10 steps that will help you to get your properties and your website ready for the rush of summer, leaving you with booked calendars as the temperature rises.

Sunny images  The anticipation of summer is going to be key in securing early bookings so fill your site with bright, warm images. Share these new images with your guests in a consistent summer campaign across social media and your email marketing.

Outdoor Activities With this good weather, you will need things to suggest for your guests to do outdoors. Show off your outdoor space and the parks and gardens in your area. Beach images are always to be popular for your coastal properties.

Local Days Out Longer trips outside are the perfect chance to create an interesting blog that will drive customers to your site and give them useful information that even encourages them to book with you.

Fresh Paint  Sun beaming on crisp and glossy new paintwork will give your property a new shine and sense of cleanliness and freshness. Even just small touches like the window panes or the front door will be enough to make a property look new and inviting.

Variation  The summer is the best chance to secure longer bookings so you need to show your guests that there is enough to do to occupy a week or two. Have links to local activities that will interest a wide range of people and send the details of them to your guests in your summer promotions.

Family Friendly  Summer is a time for taking the whole family away so let your guests know which of your properties are best suited for a family vacation.

Pet-Friendly  If you want guests to book a longer stay, having a pet-friendly policy clearly listed will remove one more obstacle to booking for many guests.

Open it up! Doors, windows, everything. Let light and fresh air in and let your house rejuvenate. Open, airy spaces are synonymous with summer.

Let Nature In Plants and flowers are a great way to signal that your property is the ultimate summer sun destination. Smaller plants or cacti and succulents will require little care and will add colour and life to your property.

Add Colour Bright, summery colours, even if it’s a just a small touch will show that you are making efforts to make the transition from winter and add to the seasonal atmosphere.

Now is the time to refresh your property, your content and your site for summer. Mark this rejuvenation and let your customers know that your property is going to the best destination for their summer vacations.

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